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Affordable Aggressive Family Law Representation

Let’s face it - the economy is a mess yet people still want and need superior quality legal representation. It is extremely intimidating going into court alone not knowing what to expect and having to face a hostile party on the other side.

Buescher Law is a boutique law firm, with extensive experience in the area of family law. Buescher Law Group, celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2009. The firm is located at Power and Thomas Roads in Northeast Mesa.

Senior Partner, Jan M. Buescher, Esq., describes herself as a meat-and-potatoes, roll-your-sleeves-up, you’ve got a legal problem - let’s see what we can do about it attorney. Our firm recognizes that in these tough economic times, people need help. That is why we are so pleased to announce that we have created affordable new options for people who need an attorney to help them maneuver through the legal system, which can be overwhelming for even the most confident person.
Family law is a difficult area of practice due to the emotions involved and the fact that you are dealing with peoples’ lives. Going through the divorce process (or any family law matter) is going to result in an inevitable life change. Our goal is to guide our Clients through a convoluted confusing system. We are your advocate, your voice in court and your position will be heard. Each Client is unique and we approach each individual using a strategy tailored to each and every Client to get them their desired result. While we cannot guarantee any specific outcome, we pride ourselves on the many wonderful accomplishments we have achieved over the years.

Q. I know that speaking with the Attorney can be expensive what alternatives do you suggest to answer an individual’s legal concerns?

A. I have implemented through my firm’s website an option for individuals to pay a minimal fee and consult with an Attorney from my firm online.

This option may appeal to the single mother of three who cannot afford the time off work or daycare expense incurred to come into the office for a consultation, or the individual who needs advice on how to get the ball rolling in their case, but is afraid they are going to be forced into retaining an Attorney if they have to meet with the Attorney in person. Through our website you are able to obtain the advice and information you need with no commitments and be guaranteed an opinion from an Attorney who is highly experienced in family law. I have created my website to emanate a comfortable and secure setting. Likewise, I have carried that welcoming and warmth into my new office located at Power and Thomas and Roads in Northeast Mesa.

The traditional law office setting can be intimidating to most people. We strive to make our Clients feel comforted not only by our advice but in their surroundings as well. We invite you to please visit and read about our firm and upcoming events.

To assist the individual in hiring the right family law Attorney,
Ms. Buescher offers the following checklist:

To successfully represent Clients an Attorney must have the following approach and qualities in their legal practice:

1. Accessibility and Approachability ~ Making sure Clients are comfortable and communication is easily facilitated between the Client and Attorney.

2. Competent and Confident ~ Experience is proven and demonstrated in the handling of the case; Capability to determine situations requiring an assertive nature versus showing deference.

3. Proponent of Settlement and minimizing legal fees ~ Attorney’s should always offer Clients the most cost effective option for resolution of their case, which includes effective negotiating skills and keeping the Client well informed of the status of their case.

4. Assertive and Efficient ~ Attorney should strategically initiate actions forcing response, reaction, or compliance of the other party.