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Benefits of Legal Representation in Family Law Matters:

Consider This!

Only a licensed Arizona attorney can give you legal advice regarding divorce and family law issues in Arizona. Document preparation services, paralegals, and any other unlicensed company cannot give you legal advice on divorce and family law issues. A divorce filing is a civil lawsuit that requires many tasks and raises many questions. These tasks and questions can best be addressed by competent legal counsel through a confidential attorney Client relationship.

Family Law in Arizona
Family law in Arizona encompasses a variety of subjects. The first question to ask yourself is What am I trying to accomplish? The following is a list of just some of the areas of practice considered to be "Family Law":

• Divorce with Children
• Divorce Without Children
• Legal Separation
• Legal and Physical Custody 
   (of minor children)
• Modifications of Prior Court Orders
• Child Support
• Parenting Time
• Domestic Violence
• Relocation Out of The State
• Orders of Protection

Benefits of Legal Representation In Family Court

Confidential initial consultation with Buescher Law Group. 
All of your questions will be answered at the initial consultation so that whether or not you are ready to take the step toward filing an action, you will be armed with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Aggressive Legal Representation For You. 
Having an attorney on your side allows you to begin the healing process at your own pace and in your own time. Buescher Law Group will handle all of the details, deadlines and court filings necessary to move your case through the system. The result is peace of mind knowing your case is being handled by a professional team who is representing you and your best interests.

Knowledge Is Power. 
While it is true you can represent yourself in a family law case, you are held to the same standard as if you were an attorney. This means you will be required to tell a judge what you want (both in person and in writing), present evidence in court, conduct hearings and meet deadlines. Your Buescher Law Offices attorney does all that - and more - for you. Continual status updates to our Clients in a variety of ways is required at Buescher Law Group.