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If you have already gone through a divorce, you’re aware of how many decisions were made in reaching an agreement. Questions of parenting time, spousal support, and how property is divided are just a few of the many that must be answered. When a divorce is finalized and these terms are set, the choices made can become invalid due to a change in circumstances. In these cases, a modification can be sought with the representation from our Mesa divorce attorney.

With Buescher Law Group, you may be able to successfully modify:

  • Parenting time
  • Visitation rights
  • Child support
  • Spousal support

Whether you worked with your former spouse to reach a settlement or you fought hard in court for the outcome that was in the best interest of your child, life happens and situations can change. For example, if the spouse paying support lost their job or the needs of your child have changed, a judge may agree that the terms you have settled on should be modified. The same stands for matters related to parenting time. If, for example, a parent who did not receive decision-making authority has made life changes that now make them eligible, or if new allegations of abuse and neglect arise, it is vital that modifications be sought to protect the best interests of the child.

Enforcing the Terms of Your Agreement

In addition to modifications, there may develop a need to enforce the terms of a decision. This is most commonly seen in support issues, where the party ordered to pay refuses to pay or is consistently late on their payments. You may also seek enforcement actions against a former spouse who is denying you’re the right to see or be involved in making decisions regarding your children. In these cases, our attorney will work swiftly to aggressively advocate for your best interest. We are more than comfortable in the courtroom and confident in our abilities to work with you throughout the enforcement process.

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Sometimes former spouses are able to come to an agreement on the modification terms. It is extremely important that these decisions are handled through the court system, however, and not by a verbal agreement. By failing to make the change legal, the validity can be contested and therefore made unenforceable. Speak with a Mesa divorce attorney and at Buescher Law Group. We work hard to provide positive solutions in modification cases.

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