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There is a lot stake in parenting time cases. Since 1999, Buescher Law Group has represented thousands of cases, confidently seeking positive outcomes that are in the best interests of children. We offer personalized representation in and out of the courtroom that is custom tailored to every client and their unique family situation. In short, our Mesa divorce attorney understands the law and knows what needs to be done to work with you to find a solution.

How Is Legal Decision-Making Authority Determined?

You and your spouse may be able to work together with your legal representation to reach a settlement on parenting time terms. This will need to be detailed since the court will need to approve it. If you are unable to reach a settlement, the case will then go to trial for a judge to make the final decision.

The judge will take many details into account, including:

  • What is in the best interests of the child
  • Which parent the child wants to live with
  • The health of each parent
  • The living arrangements for the child
  • If either parent has a criminal history

Legal & Physical Decision-Making Authority

There are two types of parenting time that exist in Arizona: Legal and physical decision-making authority. Legal decision-making authority includes the right of a parent to be involved in making long-term decisions for their child. Physical decision-making authority is defined as a parent’s physical right to be with the child for a set amount of time. If physical decision-making authority is shared, that could mean 50/50 timeshare between two households. A parent may also petition for full physical decision-making authority, especially in the case of abuse or neglect.

These cases can be complex and there is a lot on the line. It is important that you seek representation to protect your child’s best interest since the outcome of a time-share case can have long-lasting results. Our Mesa divorce attorney delivers strong representation through all phases of your matter. If it is necessary to go to trial, we are prepared to aggressively fight for you and your child.

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