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While we all like to hope for the best when entering into marriage, the truth is that you never fully know what can happen. It is important to be prepared for all circumstances. A marital agreement, also referred to as pre- or postnuptial agreements, can benefit couples from diverse backgrounds and economic situations. These documents are put in place to protect your best interests and having a solid plan in place can give you peace of mind in knowing that you are protected.

Who Should Create an Agreement?

Marital agreements set various terms with your spouse in the event of a divorce, serious illness, incapacitation, or death. Each of these worst-case-scenarios are not only emotionally trying, but can be very costly.

Circumstances where it is recommended you create an agreement include:

  • When considerable assets are involved
  • When one of the individuals has significantly greater wealth than the other
  • When one individual owns a business
  • To protect individual inheritances or separate property
  • When one of the individuals is older or retired
  • When there are children from a previous marriage
  • When one party has substantial debt

Though many may believe that they don’t “qualify” for a marital agreement because of their circumstances, assets, or merely because they feel like it is “unromantic,” to ensure that you are protected, it is best to not make assumptions but to make legal agreements. A marital agreement that is in writing and signed by both parties in front of a witness becomes a binding way to ensure your needs are heard and protected.

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While many people remain married and never need to deal with their agreement, there are others who face challenging times and are thankful for the simplicity and clarity that their agreement provides. If you are getting married, or are recently married, and would like to develop an agreement between you and your spouse, working with a Mesa family law attorney can be beneficial. Buescher Law Group can ensure that everything is properly executed, that the details are all included, and that nothing is left unaddressed.

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